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A little love goes into each one of our Creationz

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Knowing that God had a divine plan for her life, Tawanna prayed and asked God for guidance to uncover her talents and gifts. After a few months of praying and sleepless nights, God spoke to her in a dream. She realized it was time to listen. He revealed her eye for detail as it related to how things were “put together” as well as the ability to create replicas of what she saw.  Being a classroom teacher, she always shared what she found or created on her own. People would always ask her when she was going to do something for herself. One day, she said to herself, “I do this in my classroom, so why not do it on a larger scale?” God told her to try and her gift would be manifested. The rest is history because she stepped out on faith in 2016 and founded, Tee’s Creationz.

The ultimate goal of Tee’s Creationz is to create one of a kind Creationz that will exceed your expectations, no matter the occasion. We are not limited to only creating great body products, we also do custom jewelry pieces, wreaths and floral arrangements. We are steadily adding new items to our repertoire so HERstory will continue to evolve. 


I hope you enjoy what you see because there’s so much more to come!

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